Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can they? #1

Q: Can Pit Bulls really lock their  jaws?
A: No, they can't. The common belief that Pit Bulls can "lock" their jaws and continue to hold onto prey longer and harder than most dogs is a myth. Any dog will hold on and shake, whether in play or in aggression. There is no special bone structure that allows them to be more vicious, not to imply that they are.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A plea for Kittens and Puppies

Please, please, please spay/neuter your pets. We beg you. You've heard it before, we know, but then why don't you listen? You say spaying or neutering is wrong, but what's more wrong is abandoning helpless newborns whose existence is partly because of you, the one who became an accidental breeder.
What's your goal, by allowed your dog or cat outside, where they can have kids with anyone? When she gets pregnant, it's too late to spay her until she's given birth to the pups or kits. And then what? You leave them outside to die? You give them to your neighbor, who doesn't want them either? You keep an entire litter, plus the mother, in your house or apartment? The logical choice, you say, is to give them to the shelter. Yeah, that same shelter where they will probably not be adopted, and die? OK then, a no-kill shelter, you say. Well guess what? They can barely afford to take care of the animals they have! And you're still abandoning these animals to a place where they may stay their whole lives.
Even if your pet is male, he will still be contributing to the overpopulation resulting from many owners not spaying or neutering their pets.
According to the American Humane Association, approximately 8 million animals are taken into local shelters. 3.7 million(nearly half) don't make it out.

'Simply put, there is no such thing as “accidental” breeding. Spaying and neutering is a conscious choice.'- Quoted from the American Humane Association Pet Overpopulation page @ http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/adoption-pet-care/issues-information/pet-overpopulation.html.

One can spay one's puppy or kitten safely at 8 weeks of age. The only side effects are a happier, healthier pet, and one or two days of grogginess, to get over the anesthesia.
Still want to keep your pet inside, to keep them from breeding and saving you from having to spay or neuter? Trust me, your pet will be very unhappy, especially males that sense a female in heat. Behavioral problems may result, and some un-spayed or neutered animals become snappy. Escapes are not unheard of.

Are you refraining from spaying or neutering because of cost? Imagine the cost of lives, or caring for an entire litter. That's the cost you'll be placing upon the Humane Society too.

This is Silv, signing out, and urging you to reconsider if you were not going to spay or neuter your pet. Millions of animals thank you.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Legends of the Flight: Short stories #1

Hey guys, here's a sort of practice  round for the short stories.

Silv got an idea!

Hey, hey, hey readers! I was about to log off the computer 'cause I promised Mom I'd do some Math, when I got a great idea! (LOL, sorry Mom)
It's kind of a surprise, but.. Let's just say it has to do with Legends of the Flight....But short stories! It's a side thing, the regular story will still be going.
That's all, can't tell you what kind, will say more soon.
Infuriating, huh?

Bye, <3 you all,
- Silv

Hey, hey, this is Corpish here! You know, from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Hey, hey, I like Silv's idea, but hey! Let's try to get her to do short Pokemon of Afisia stories to! She's a more experienced writer now, hey! C'mon, hey, hey.

Status 4/15/13

Hai all! Legends of the Flight will be updated soon, whoot! I'm here to apologize to the actual Gilberto and Mike. You guys helped make this possible by allowed characters to be based off of you. Now, with great regret, I must admit that the battle between the two in Legends of the Flight is not anywhere near a typical competitive battle on Pokemon Showdown! Pokemon Online, or over Wi-Fi. You two are both great at battling, so the two characters' way of battling is not meant to be a reflection on you.
Like the Pokemon anime, this battle is designed to have mistakes, bad move choices, etc.,  to make it more interesting, as well as easier for people who have never competitively  battled, and are therefore unfamiliar with terms like "Sweeper" or "EVs".
Wow, I really rambled, huh? This is Silv, signing out, and saying "Love you all, readers and other people!".

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Status 7/3/13

Heyyyooo readers! What's up? Independence Day(Also known as the Fourth of July) is coming tomorrow, and guess what that means? Articles will feature some pretty and colorful characters, animals that show off some red, white, and blue all through the year(or at least for most of it)!
Also, some articles on global warming are coming too.

Aside from that, please tell us what articles you'd like to see. Anything that piques your interest, mention it!