Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowy wilderness

Dear readers,
As I am typing this, it is snowing outside, in my state, Arizona. I just came back in after having some snowy fun outside. It is perfect packing snow, and about 1 1/2 cm. thick so far. I made a snowball, and just put the snowball in the freezer.
While I was outside, I had time to muse on how global warming was affecting the planet, and how, if we don't act quickly, this unusual phenomenon could never happen again. In the arctic regions, right now, it is snowing there, too. But in there, it's different. The snow there is nessasary for their survival. It's not a pesky nuisance people shovel off the sidewalk, or a wonderful flurry people and animals play in. It's Life.
 As I threw a snowball into the air, I thought about how global warming affects our planet.
I urge you dear reader, please, please contribute to the prevention of further global warming. It's already here, and we need to stop it. 

I took a warm bubble bath halfway through writing this. The soap bubbles reminded me of snow. But the bubbles thrive in warm water, while the snow thrives in the cold.

I have a book with a wonderful poem about the winter. Unfortunately, it would be a copyright violation to post it here.
I hope you find your own poem in the snow, sand, or sky, wherever you are.
Silvia Phenora

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day is over, but the fight for the Earth is not!

Heyo, it's after Valentine's Day, and here are some quick tips on how you can help be more green!

1. You know those flowers you got that person you spent Valentine's Day with? Compost them when they die. If you haven't bought cut flowers, how about potted ones? An avid gardener will love a bulb that can be planted outside later, and regrown year after year!
Houseplants make the home cleaner, unlike fake plants, which collect dust.

2. Those envelopes that the cards come in. Recycle them. If you aren't the type to save cards, recycle those, too. Please don't just throw them away if they are recyclable.
Oh, and recycle the empty box of chocolates, too, please.

3. This one can be applied to any day. Do you need to get something at a nearby store? Go for a walk with your sweetheart, or bike. Don't drive if you can walk or bicycle.

4. Next year, buy recycled paper cards, or make your own cards out of homemade recycled paper!

5. Show your love for the Earth by planting a tree with someone you know. Remember, any day can be Earth Day!

Hope you liked the earth-friendly tips, Go Green as well as red this year!