Suggestions section: What do you think?

Hi readers of ES Blog. This is the part of the site for suggestions, and where you can tell us what you think of the blog. Just comment on this post. You can tell us what you think, what you want improved(there's lots of room for improvement! After all, ES Blog is still fairly new.), and even give requests for articles. If you comment asking for an article on a certain subject, we'll ask for a vote on it. Other people can comment saying "yes" or "no". This voting is to prevent something like us getting lots of articles we have to do all at once. We may decide to do an article on something you suggested without asking for a vote, usually if we were already planning on doing an article on that. 
Old comments that aren't necessary to keep(such as suggestions for stuff we already have) will be deleted.
Thanks so much! We've said before, and we'll say it again: Your support helps keep this blog going!

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  1. For this blog, I think it would be great if maybe their could be articles on how people can help prevent Global Warming. In fact, how about how we could possibly stop the destruction of Earth. Or perhaps delay the inevitable. The point is, we need to find ways to help our planet.

    Otherwise, I really love this blog-site. Keep up the good writing!

  2. Is this pokeslash? If so, you forgot my evilness :P and WHY IS THERE NO DARK MEW

    1. Yo Absol! Haven't seen you lately. Yeah, this is Poke'slash/Silvia.
      This is an environmental blog, sorry to break it to you. That's why there's no Dark Mew. :P
      Who could forget your evilness? I just didn't think to post about it.