Sunday, March 24, 2013

Status 3/24/13

Heyyyy readers...Wow. We have been totally inactive on ES Blog, huh? Sorry about that.. We'll get some more articles up soon, we promise.
Silvia has a note for you. Here ya go:
Heyo, just wanted to add some things here: 1. The new Legends of the Flight chapter is going great, it'll be posted soon.
2. I have a few surprises for you people...Hope you like them. Expect something new in a few weeks.
3. The Rescue Dog article is what I'm currently working on. It wouldn't take more than 3 days to write out, but unfortunately, I will be without internet for a while. Sorry, don't worry, I'll be active again soon.
So, that's all, folks!

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned.

Sincerely, the Administrators,
Shea and Silvia