About ES Blog

ES Blog is a site dedicated to saving our planet. If you ever want information on how to help the environment, look here! ES Blog was started recently, but articles are probably being planned and written as you read this, and we already have many!
On this site you can find a poll on how much you like this site(we appreciate the feedback!), articles(of course), and even some Pokémon stories Silvia wrote for the enjoyment of Pokémon fans. So please enjoy this site, and take note of our helpful tips and articles! Maybe you just want some statistics, or a few quick tips. Look under the tag "Extra info".
Maybe you want a full story, the latest pet or Eco news, or just one of our typical articles. Look at the tag "Main articles".
We have even more things on the blog too. Scroll down to the bottom to find videos on YouTube related to animals. We have a slideshow of nature pictures. We aren't trying to encourage you to stay on the computer, but we like keeping our readers entertained while teaching them about the environment. Who wants to read boring stuff? We try to keep our articles readable.
 Please care for our planet. Earth cares about you.

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