Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stop global warming!

This is serious. The ice caps are seriously melting at an alarming rate. What would happen if too many of them did?
Many species reliant on the ice caps would die. The natural balance would be upset, amazing creatures would go extinct, and it would only be a matter of time before other areas experienced similar problems.
Pollution kills. Please, please, for the sake the Earth and all creatures living on it, do your part.
You can:
1. Donate to real organizations trying to invent cleaner cars or save an endangered species.
2. Use your car less! Walking or biking for short trips helps a lot!
3. Buy less products made by big pollutions companies.
4. Petition for changes! Make a difference by raising awareness at your school or other areas.
And many more things! Recycle, be creative, be conservative.
This is a real, scientifically proven problem, people! What about future generations? Whatever happens to other species also affects humans. Even if we can't stop it, we can slow it.
Let's save our planet!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Status 5/11/14 (Please read!)

Hi, Silvia here.
Wow. We're more than a little inactive, aren't we? I'd better fix that!
Here's what's going on:

Silvia is going to edit Legends of the Flight and The Pokemon of Afisia, now that it's been a while and she can safely say she's improved as a writer(and will hopefully continue to do so!).
We're going to work on some articles, of course. Hopefully, updates can more frequent, and have more information(and sources, if needed).
Silvia's going to try working on those stories about her fosters, and possibly redo that article about rescue animals.
We might change slightly change the site's look.

About Shey:
Shey has been inactive on the blog due to school and personal reasons. She is still participating in eco-friendly activities, of course, but will probably not be writing many articles. Silvia may ask her to write a small one, however, since Shey's gotten so good at reports since her last post... (If you're reading this, Shey, come on.. you know it's true. :P)

Please, tell us in the comments what you would like to learn/see us write about! We love getting feedback!
Thanks you, and keep being Earth-friendly!
- Silvia and Shey